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1. The Masked Robber Series - The Masked Robber

1. The Masked Robber Series - The Masked Robber

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“The Masked Robber” by Gerrie Radlof is the first book in an exciting historical fiction series depicting the politics and social tensions of 19th-century South African colonial life. The story follows the adventures of the mysterious Masked Robber, a daring outlaw who leads a band of loyal followers as they fight injustice in the Cape Colony.

In this first book of the Masked Robber series, we are introduced to the legendary Masked Robber alias Jean de Moreaux, as he dramatically appears one night to confront his arch-nemesis and cousin, the wealthy nobleman Count Paul de Moreaux. A tense rivalry exists between these two men, linked to a murky crime in their pasts in England that ruined the Masked Robber’s fortunes. De Moreaux has accused the Masked Robber of a terrible murder, leading to his exile. But who is telling the truth? The robber’s identity remains cloaked in secrecy as he defiantly harasses officials of the British government. To some he is a romantic hero, stealing from the rich to give to the poor like a modern Robin Hood. To others, he is a dangerous menace. Rumors swirl about his origins and motives. The story follows several intertwining plot threads centered around the Masked Robber. Young Willa Rossouw finds herself enthralled by both the Masked Robber and Paul de Moreaux after encounters with each of them, not realizing their real connection. She must navigate her feelings as she uncovers secrets that overturn her perceptions.

Meanwhile, Willa’s younger sister Elmien falls madly in love with the Masked Robber’s loyal lieutenant Jacques, complicating matters. As Willa and Elmien become more intertwined with the Masked Robber’s fate, they struggle to reconcile their feelings and relationships. Yet Elmien remains determined to uncover the truth and to clear the reputations of those she cares about. So when Paul eventually succeeds in capturing the Masked Robber, Jacques concocts a daring plan to break Jean out of the Castle’s jail to save his friends from Paul’s wrath. On the eve of Jean’s scheduled execution, Jacques, Elmien, and Willa orchestrate a stunning jailbreak. But Paul lurks in the shadows, obsession turning him into a dangerous madman. He recaptures Jean and a climactic duel erupts between the cousins. With Paul’s demise, Jean and Jacques finally have a chance at freedom and true love. But the past haunts Jean, who pushes Willa away, convinced she could never really love him. Heartbroken, Willa disappears to a convent. Only when Jean learns the extent of her sacrifice does he race to find her.

This first book in The Masked Robber series sets the stage for the continuing adventures to come. Radlof immerses the readers on a thrilling ride through exotic South Africa, filled with beauty, injustice, love, and the potential for redemption against the odds. “The Masked Robber” book offers a satisfying story that stands alone yet leaves you eager to unravel more of this mysterious anti-hero’s exploits across the remaining books. For those seeking a thrilling historical fiction tale, full of drama, action, suspense, and romance, “The Masked Robber” sets the stage for a memorable journey. Rich in atmosphere and with vibrant characters and evocative descriptions, Gerrie Radlof spins a classic tale of mystery, revenge, and the redemptive power of love. This e-book’s satisfying conclusion neatly resolves the twists and turns, delivering hard-won happiness for its star-crossed lovers as it transports readers to a long-ago, nearly-forgotten era of chivalry and adventure. But at its core, this is a timeless tale of good versus evil, justice versus corruption, and freedom versus oppression.

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