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4. Sahara Adventure Series - Revenge of the Desert

4. Sahara Adventure Series - Revenge of the Desert

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Reading the fourth story from Meiring Fouche’s “Sahara Adventure series”, namely “Revenge of the Desert”, will leave you craving for more Sahara action from this author! This story begins when a patrol of French Foreign Legion soldiers fails to return to their fort as scheduled while patrolling in the scorching heat of the Sahara desert.

Days later, the patrol arrives but the men are bound, tortured, and barely clinging to life. All but one, a blond South African legionnaire named Teuns, who has been captured by El Karima, the alluring yet brutal princess of the Dulac tribe. She orders Teuns taken to the capital city of Dutra to be executed before sunrise on the “Hill of Eagles”, where victims are tied to poles and left to the mercy of fierce mountain eagles. As Teuns awaits his gruesome fate, an old friend who harbors a grudge against El Karima surprises him with a last-minute reprieve. Before attempting to escape from Dutra, Teuns decides to steal the Dulacs’ sacred Sword of Dutra from El Karima’s palace, a move sure to enrage both the princess and her people. Meanwhile, the Legion commanders at Fort Dini Salam receive orders from the top brass in France to eliminate El Karima, whose hands are soaked in the blood of too many Legion soldiers. Captain D’Arlan proposes an ingenious but risky plan to Colonel Le Clerq. With only sixty men at his command, D’Arlan leads his soldiers into the desert sands to execute his scheme. Though successful in defeating the first Dulac patrol, D’Arlan’s tactics are so shocking that El Karima dispatches five hundred warriors to confront them. Despite being surrounded, the legionnaires stand their ground. In retaliation, El Karima herself takes command of two thousand Dulac fighters to wipe out D’Arlan and his sixty men.

During the impending clash, Teuns manages to steal the Sword of Dutra and escape, only to be recaptured. With help from a freak sandstorm, he breaks free once more before finally rejoining D’Arlan’s group. As the Legion soldiers face El Karima’s two thousand-man army, their water and ammunition dwindle perilously low. In a moment of desperate inspiration, Teuns takes an unexpected action that causes chaos in the Sahara and takes everyone by surprise. Will D’Arlan’s risky gambit pay off? Can the legionnaires defeat El Karima’s overwhelming force? What surprising move does Teuns make that shocks both friend and foe? The stakes are high and the desert is unforgiving as the Legion soldiers seek revenge against the sadistic El Karima and her Dulac warriors in this thrilling Saharan adventure.

“Revenge of the Desert” is a thrilling tale of camaraderie, ingenuity, and perseverance against seemingly impossible odds in the unforgiving Sahara. Legends like the brave Teuns Stegmann, Captain D’Arlan, known as the “Houdini of the Sahara”, and El Karima, the alluring yet brutal Dulac princess, clash in battles of wits and war. Set in North Africa during the French Foreign Legion’s campaign against the Dulac tribe, this adventure will captivate fans of military fiction. Author Meiring Fouche’s vivid storytelling puts you right in the desert heat, tasting the sand and fighting for survival. With vivid scenes like the brutal torture and death that awaits on Dutra’s “Hill of Eagles”, this book is not for the faint of heart! Yet heroes like Teuns inspire with their bravery, camaraderie, and refusal to surrender even in the most dire circumstances. D’Arlan’s ingenious battle plans offer fascinating military strategy. Striking imagery like the “sea of ants” formed by thousands of Dulac warriors evokes the vivid setting. Many cliffhangers make you eager to see what happens next.

For those who enjoy classic adventure epics like Beau Geste or Lawrence of Arabia, “Revenge of the Desert” is sure to delight. This book can transport you right into the Sahara desert action alongside memorable characters. It highlights how human courage and loyalty can triumph over cruelty and oppression. The evocative setting and thrilling plot will keep your heart racing as you root for the heroes to prevail against incredible odds. With vivid action and intrigue, “Revenge of the Desert” will captivate fans of military fiction eager to discover the fates of Teuns, D’Arlan, and their brave comrades.
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