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Metal Human Art - POSPO Satin Portrait Poster 17

Metal Human Art - POSPO Satin Portrait Poster 17

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A high quality resin-coated photo base paper poster about metal human art is the ultimate gift to yourself or someone else!

We know you will love the durability of these prints. Its materials help make your favorite designs stand out sharply in vivid colors. So why are you waiting? Go ahead and buy this one-and-only poster design on a resin-coated photo base paper. It is available in 20 different background colors!


- Ready to hang.

- High quality resin-coated photo base paper.

- Satin photo finish, maximum color gamut, dmax, and image resolution.

- Weight (230 gsm), 9 mil base.

- Ships in protective tube.

- Lasts for 95 years in shade and 5 years in direct sunlight.

- Safe for all age groups and genders.

Care Instructions

- Use a cloth or duster to remove the dust. Keep it in a place free of humidity and if possible try to avoid direct contact with the sun.

How it was Made

This metal human art image was created with AI-generated software and, with the help of some editing afterward, turned into this superb-looking metal human art picture. On a photo base paper poster, all the colors will look even more vibrant and alive. So treat yourself or someone else with this one-of-a-kind metal human art creation on a resin-coated photo base paper poster that will last for a long time if well looked after. Hope to see you again in our Shopify store.

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