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Sojourner Portable Sauna for Home - Steam Sauna Tent, Personal Sauna - Sauna Heater, Tent, Chair, Remote Included for Home Sauna - Enjoy Your Own Personal Spa

Sojourner Portable Sauna for Home - Steam Sauna Tent, Personal Sauna - Sauna Heater, Tent, Chair, Remote Included for Home Sauna - Enjoy Your Own Personal Spa

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Place of Origin China
Main Color Grey
Main Material Cotton
Filler Cotton
Dangerous Goods #dangerFlag#

Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 28.54
Assembled Width (in.) 28.54
Assembled Height (in.) 66.92
Weight (lbs) 18.07


Portable full-size steam sauna, portable sauna tent foldable, with 4L and 1500W steam generator remote control folding chair, used for detoxification and pressure fatigue reduction, indoor home (gray)

Personal Sauna: the portable sauna tent is equipped with everything you need to sauna and enjoy nourishing warmth anywhere. It can be folded, easy to carry and store, so you can enjoy the sauna experience anytime and anywhere. Reduce stress and tension and let you sleep well. Excellent care for relaxing pores and tired muscles

High power steam boiler: 1500W steam generator can heat the whole sauna room in a few minutes. The whole sauna room adopts high-quality thermal insulation cotton fabric, and our steam sauna room can prevent heat loss. (Note: do not put corrosive substances (such as essential oils and herbs) directly into the steamer. If necessary, add essential oils and herbs to the kit (supplied with the package). Please preheat 10-15 minutes in advance.

Good material: the frame structure connected by PVC pipe is stable, firm and not easy to deform. Sauna tent fabric is made of high-density polyethylene material and waterproof canvas, which has stronger waterproof and seepage resistance. High quality materials ensure that sauna tent has high wear resistance, tear resistance and flexibility.

1. Oversized 4L steam cooker to solve the problem of temperature not rising.

2. The front curtain can be opened, which is convenient for ventilation after a long time.

3. Increase the folding chair, so it will not be too tired after sitting for a long time.

4, Built-in storage bag, you can put essential oils in water cups.

5. The safety prompt label is more comprehensive.

6. The steam cooker has anti-dry burning and automatic power-off functions.

7. Our products are UL, fcc certified

8. Equipped with aluminum foil pads to prevent the water generated by steam from leaking on the ground, and there are sealing strips when sewing.

9.. PVC pipe structure, no deformation, no rust, easy installation and disassembly.

Safety protection: equipped with remote control, the temperature can be adjusted as needed. This sauna tent has the functions of timing and 16 level temperature regulation, dry burning prevention, electric leakage prevention, explosion-proof, automatic power-off protection, electric leakage protection and so on. The maximum steam temperature is 149 ° f / 65 ° C (the temperature most people can bear is 110-120 ° f), which will not cause skin burns. It is strongly recommended to replenish body moisture in time after use.

Humanized design: equipped with large folding chair, 4L steam generator and handheld remote control. The timing range of 10-95 minutes brings you wonderful relaxation. Openable curtain design and double zipper design, you can watch TV, read or use the device. The door can be glued to the side to maintain ventilation and evaporate the water left by the sauna faster. Full size sauna
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