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2. Sahara Adventure Series - Footsteps to Death

2. Sahara Adventure Series - Footsteps to Death

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“Footsteps to Death”, is the sequel to “Witch of the Sahara” by Meiring Fouche’s thrilling Sahara adventure series. Set in the scorching Sahara desert, the story follows Legionnaire Teuns Stegmann whose past encounter with the beautiful but deadly El Karima has left him entangled in her web once more. Can Teuns resist El Karima’s intoxicating charm or will he succumb to the passions that bind them?

Six months after betraying El Karima’s love and destroying her Dulac nation, Teuns finds himself drawn back into her clutches when two mysterious riders are ambushed near the desert outpost of Dini Salam. Among their possessions is discovered a locket belonging to none other than El Karima herself, confirming the white princess of the Dulacs is behind the abduction. In exchange for the riders, El Karima demands Teuns be handed over to face punishment for his treachery. But one of the captives is revealed to be Madame Le Clerq, wife of the garrison commander Colonel Le Clerq. Now torn between sacrificing Teuns or his own wife, Le Clerq faces an impossible choice. Against orders, Teuns takes matters into his own hands and escapes into the desert accompanied by El Karima’s envoy, the Arab Kadar Hoessein. Enduring injury and the unrelenting elements, they arrive at El Karima’s encampment. While she still harbors feelings for her betrayer, will her desire for vengeance prevail? Meanwhile, back in Dini Salam, the master escape artist of the Legion, Captain D’Arlan, hatches a daring plan to rescue the hostages and defend the fort against El Karima’s impending attack. But with time running out and lives on the line, has El Karima’s web become inescapable?

In this gripping tale of war, betrayal, and forbidden romance, Fouche delivers nonstop adventure and drama. When Teuns refuses to join her tribe and train her men, the stakes climb ever higher as Teuns finds himself in a brutal hand-to-hand duel to the death against Atroek, El Karima’s formidable henchman. Their contest will determine not only Teuns’ fate but that of Madame Le Clerq as well. Karima’s treachery knows no bounds. Consumed by bitterness and the desire for revenge, El Karima condemns Teuns, Madame Le Clerq, and El Saoed to a horrific public execution in Dini Salam. Her promises to return Madame Le Clerq unharmed were but empty words, concealing her true intent. Now along with Teuns and El Saoed, Madame Le Clerq faces a gruesome end bound between wild stallions who will tear them limb from limb.

In this racing page-turner, Fouche maintains breathless suspense as the condemned three stand poised on the brink of death. Can the ingenious Captain D’Arlan come up with a daring plan to save Teuns, Madame Le Clerq, and the entire Dini Salam garrison from utter destruction at the hands of the vengeful El Karima? What shocking choice must Colonel Le Clerq make to try and save his beloved wife from a gruesome fate? As El Karima raises her whip, will salvation arrive in time or has she finally outmatched D’Arlan and checkmated Teuns? Brimming with rivalry and passion, and dramatic twists and turns, “Footsteps to Death” captivates from desert ambush to palace showdown. Fouche transports the reader with vibrant details directly into the milieu of the 1930s Sahara. It is a land full of danger and desires in this sweeping tale of warfare, sacrifice, and star-crossed romance set against the perilous backdrop of the unforgiving Sahara. Full of memorable characters, a rich historical atmosphere, and heart-pounding action, “Footsteps to Death” is a thrilling addition to The Sahara Adventure series. This ebook will have adventure lovers and romance readers alike racing through the pages to learn the fates of Teuns, El Karima, and the embattled Legionnaires of Dini Salam.

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