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10. Sahara Adventure Series - Mademoiselle Julie

10. Sahara Adventure Series - Mademoiselle Julie

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The sands of the Sahara desert hold many mysteries and dangers, as Captain Gaston Lefevre of the French Foreign Legion soon discovers. Stationed at the remote Fort Laval with a small garrison of only 30 men, Lefevre receives devastating news. His daughter Julie has gone missing from a hotel in Dini Salam.

Frantic with worry, Lefevre requests to lead a search party to find Julie. But his request is denied by his superiors, who order him to remain at Fort Laval. Lefevre descends into an alcohol-fueled despair, dreading the fate that may have befallen his beloved daughter. Then a strange rider appears on the horizon outside the fort. It is a woman’s figure rigidly perched atop a horse. The doll-like rider carries an ominous message for Lefevre. Julie has been kidnapped by the Dulacs, a tribe of brutal nomadic warriors. Their leader, Sheik Feisan, offers Lefevre a deal. Surrender Fort Laval and receive safe passage for Lefevre’s garrison. Feisan will also return Julie unharmed. Refuse, and Julie dies.

Lefevre agrees to Feisan’s terms, despite the protests of his men. He asks for a volunteer to retrieve Julie from the Dulac camp. Only the brave South African legionnaire, Teuns Stegmann, steps forward for the dangerous mission. But upon reaching the Dulac camp, Stegmann is captured. Inside the tent of Sheik Feisan, he comes face to face with the stunningly beautiful Julie Lefevre. Feisan gives Stegmann only 15 minutes to return to Fort Laval and demand its surrender, or Julie dies. Stegmann never returns, but to Feisan’s shock, Captain Lefevre himself appears out of nowhere. After taking Lefevre to the seemingly deserted fort, Feisan suspects treachery. He orders Lefevre to open the armory but there he only finds the weapons smashed beyond repair.

Lefevre has outwitted Feisan, but with Julie’s life hanging by a thread, the true battle is only beginning. Danger lurks around every corner of the labyrinthine fort. As Lefevre and Stegmann fight to save Julie and evade capture themselves, they launch a daring gambit. With time running out, Stegmann disguises himself in Arab robes and slips into the Dulac camp once more on a secret rescue mission. Will he reach Julie before the Dulacs discover him? Meanwhile, can Lefevre beat the odds against thousands of Dulac warriors, alone? And what fate awaits Julie if Feisan’s offer of safe passage proves yet another Dulac trick? Lefevre is caught in a terrible dilemma. Sacrifice Fort Laval to save his only child, or doom Julie to save his honor as a French officer? In the unforgiving Sahara, the stakes are life and death. Lefevre and Stegmann must match wits and weapons against Sheik Feisan’s hordes and the stage is set for a dramatic final showdown. With Lefevre wounded and their ammunition dwindling, Teuns and Julie dig in to defend the commanding officer’s office against endless waves of Dulac warriors bent on avenging their sheik’s death. Outgunned and outnumbered, their bold plan is the garrison’s last hope for survival.

“Mademoiselle Julie” is the tenth book in the exciting “Sahara Adventure series” by author Meiring Fouche. Action erupts from the first page and will grip readers from start to finish with a breathtaking finale. This Sahara adventure story delivers thrills and heartache in equal measure. Amid the sweltering sands, who will emerge victorious, and can Lefevre ever be reunited with his beloved daughter? The answers await within this riveting tale of valor, duty, and rescue against impossible odds. Fouche weaves another edge-of-your-seat tale, set in the scorching Sahara desert in the early 1900s. The book has action, adventure, drama, and romance that will leave readers sweating like they’re the ones fighting for survival in the sweltering desert heat. The author’s vivid writing puts you right in the story as steely Legion heroes battle bloodthirsty Dulac tribesmen with an innocent maiden’s life hanging in the balance.

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