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9. Sahara Adventure Series - The Tracks are Calling

9. Sahara Adventure Series - The Tracks are Calling

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A blazing sun beats down on the vast and treacherous Sahara desert as Sergeant Catroux leads his small band of French Foreign Legion soldiers on patrol. Boredom and fatigue set in after weeks of wandering through endless seas of sand dunes without encountering a single soul. However, a startling discovery is about to awaken the men’s thirst for adventure.

Spotting a swarm of vultures circling in the distance, Catroux orders his men to investigate. What awaits the patrol is a horrific scene. They discover over a dozen mutilated Arab bodies scattered across the dunes. Shocked and confused as to who would commit such an atrocity against their own people, the Legionnaires begin searching for clues. That’s when Teuns Stegmann, a tall and cunning South African member of the patrol, makes a stunning find half-buried in the sand. It is a pure gold powder compact engraved with the initials “J.T.” Determined to uncover the mystery and motivated by the prospect of encountering a woman after so long without even seeing a camel in this desolate landscape, the patrol presses on. More clues begin to emerge, including feminine perfumes and expensive accessories that suggest a European woman of high society was involved. But who is this woman? And why would she be traveling with Arabs through such a dangerous part of the Sahara?

The tracks lead the Legionnaires to the small Harba oasis, but the constant winds have erased any sign of where the attackers went next. However, the remote oasis outpost of Harba brings another twist. Just when all hope seems lost, a miraculous discovery provides a trail to follow once more. They discover a strange, dying man who mentions an automatic rifle before succumbing to his wounds. The plot takes a dangerous turn as it becomes a race against time to rescue J.T. and uncover the secrets surrounding the mysterious weapon. To make matters worst a member of their own patrol suddenly goes missing overnight.

Teuns finds himself separated from the others and disguises himself as one of the elusive desert tribesmen. He manages to infiltrate the enemy’s camp, intent on solving the mysteries surrounding J.T.’s abduction. There he comes face-to-face with the stunning Jenene Trenchard, daughter of the British Consul, who has been taken captive. With keen cunning and nerves of steel, Teuns navigates the hidden dangers of the enemy camp, risking his life to gain critical intelligence. Between the watchful eyes of the tribe and the ever-present threat of being exposed, Teuns plays a dangerous game of deception. But Teuns’s true identity is soon uncovered and he faces unimaginable horrors at the hands of the sadistic Berber tribe holding Jenene hostage. Communicating in secret, they hatch a daring plan of escape. Will Teuns and the mysterious Jenene find a way to outwit their captors? Or will the desert claim more lives? What other secrets lie buried beneath the sands? And can Catroux’s patrol prevail against enemies wielding the lethal power of the automatic rifle? With hope fading fast, the Legionnaires battle against seemingly impossible odds to solve the mystery and free Jenene before it’s too late. Dogged by danger at every turn, they draw closer to a stunning truth that will change everything.

“The Tracks are Calling” thrusts the reader into a heart-pounding adventure across the perilous and unforgiving Sahara desert. Mystery, action, and drama abound in this gripping tale of bravery, desperation, and hidden secrets as a small band of French Legionnaires fights the elements and a savage tribe of Berbers to save an alluring captive and uncover buried truths. The story will keep you turning pages late into the night, immersed in a vivid world of scorching desert heat, earth-shaking planes roaring overhead, and heroic soldiers battling against the odds to survive another day. With vivid adventure and captivating characters, Meiring Fouche spins a story that will leave you breathless until the climactic conclusion. If pulse-pounding escapism through the exotic sands of the Sahara is your perfect adventure, “The Tracks are Calling” delivers an unforgettable experience you won’t want to end.

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