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1. Sahara Adventure Series - Witch of the Sahara

1. Sahara Adventure Series - Witch of the Sahara

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The thrilling adventure begins in the blistering Sahara desert, where a French Foreign Legion outpost finds itself under attack by a dangerous band of Arab raiders known as the Dulacs. During one bloody skirmish, a lone survivor tells a shocking tale, that the Dulacs are being led by a mysterious white woman. This news sends shockwaves through the outpost’s leadership, who vow to hunt down this “Witch of the Sahara” and stop her reign of terror.

We follow brave Legion captain D’Arlan as he leads an expeditionary force into the desert to find the Dulac stronghold. After days of grueling march through the scorching sands, D’Arlan and his men finally reach an oasis village, only to find it deserted and polluted. It is the work of the merciless Witch. With their water supply poisoned, the Legionnaires find themselves on the brink of death from thirst. Just when all seems lost, the beautiful but deadly Karima appears to gloat over D’Arlan’s predicament. She is indeed the Witch of the Sahara, a white woman who has rallied the Dulacs with promises of driving out the French colonizers. Karima offers the Legionnaires water and safety if they surrender, but proud D’Arlan refuses to yield. Teuns Stegmann, finds himself irresistibly drawn to the beautiful but dangerous Karima. What hold does she have over him, and will he betray his comrades? Will Teuns resist the Witch’s spell and stay loyal to the Legion? Can the Legionnaires stop Karima and her Dulac army from launching an all-out war across the Sahara? The chess match between D’Arlan and the Witch of the Sahara has only just begun with Teuns playing a key role in helping D’Arlan and his fellow soldiers.

Karima punishes D’Arlan for his stubbornness by condemning him and nine others to a horrific death atop the “Hill of Eagles,” where they will be slowly tortured by the savage birds. One condemned man, however, an Italian named Petacci, manages to engineer a daring escape. Through quick thinking and heroics, Petacci frees the others, allowing D’Arlan to hatch a bold counterattack. With help from Arab villagers who also seek freedom from the Dulacs, D’Arlan launches a surprise offensive and turns the tables on Karima.

Filled with pulse-pounding action, thrilling chases across golden dunes, shocking twists and betrayals, and starring an unforgettable cast of heroes and a villainess for the ages, “Witch of the Sahara” by Meiring Fouche is a must-read for adventure lovers of all ages. This riveting book will keep readers hooked as they follow the French Foreign Legion’s desperate campaign to crush Karima and her Dulac warriors. Fouche’s masterful storytelling transports the reader directly into the action. Moving from bloody ambushes on the desert sands to inhuman cruelty in Dutra’s lethal uranium mines, this is epic adventure storytelling at its best. Meiring Fouche expertly describes the landscape and captures the essence of this lost world. This classic adventure tale will appeal to fans of Beau Geste with its perilous journey and timeless story of conflicted love. Combining romance, intrigue, and non-stop excitement against the backdrop of a brutal desert campaign, this book will leave you breathless and eager to continue the Legionnaires’ saga. The Sahara adventure series continues with thirty-nine more exciting stories as we follow Legion heroes like Fritz, Jack, Podolski, and Petacci, and especially with the heroic, brilliant, and fearless South African, Teuns Stegmann, at the center of each story with nonstop action and adventure for book lovers of this genre.

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